Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Queen of Hearts plays croquet using hedgehogs and flamingos.

I feel slightly behind on my own life, there are so many things need doing and yet I can't find the time or will to do them, without rushing at least. I feel I have changed so much from the original purpose of this blog, my interests in photography has grown and my thoughts about fashion has changed. And although this blog will always be special to me, as it was my first, however, I think it will be easier to start a new one than change this one altogether.
So please visit and support me on my new blog -


All my loving and patience;


Sunday, 27 September 2009

the london fashion week post

Wow. Friday was amazing, it being my first fashion week, I had high expectations and luckily, I think it was even better. I felt a bit daunted, there was so many people, all of which were in skinny jeans, designer labels and had the longest legs I had ever seen, sort of snooty who I could tell were thinking 'why is that child here?' which I found a bit fustrating. Most of the people were nice though, or at least smiled instead of sighed. And I loved just looking around, there was so many different styles, and I wished I was as fashionable and could carry off the looks which some people seemed to display effortlessly. The nicest person would have to be a cross-dressing man who I actually though was a women, he looked very classy, then of course he blew my Mother and I a kiss! Anyway, london fashion week was beautiful, both locations were lovely, especially summerset house which was all lit up later in the evening, although I found the strand more interesting, complete with its free-old-fashioned popcorn machine and little boothes for each brand.
I tried on a beautiful little silk black dress with a little white peter pan collar, I had been after a dress like that for a while now and I tried it on and it fitted like a glove. I was very tempted to buy it, especially as it was reduced from 300 pounds to 45, and the sales assistant was very charming, but I didn't have enough money and although I was already in love with this dress by that point, I had to think realistically. Although the assistant took down my email adress and said the designer would email me as I think she was a little impress or intrigued to find a 13 year old at London Fashion Week with her heart set on attending St. Martins.

The catwalk show, however was the best part and luckily my Mother and I got very good seats on the front row, my imagination was pretty much running wild by wondering if someone famous has sat in my space a few days ago. Anyway, like I was saying the show was truely great, it was my first ever proper fashion show and I didn't feel let down in the slightest, and far from it! The catwalk showed a selection of 'big shouldered' outfits, outfits with very dramatic prints and then collections from Manish Aurora, ( an amazing Indian designers who uses bright colours, and did my favourite outfit of the night, a black dress with a be-jewled parrot on the shoulder) and I also loved the Jaegar collection which was very effortless and french class.

And the evening was topped off by a private after-party in our own private (very posh!) hall at the Waldorf hotel with a glass of lovely champagne (my Mum did, not me). It was such a great evening and I hope that maybe I could have the pleasure of attending London Fashion Week next year.
How was your weekend, dear readers?
love sophie xxx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

sunshine daises, butter mellow ....

7 Things I love about autumn -
Long moody walks in parks, kicking up crisp leaves with the winter sun on my back - Wrapping myself in snug jumpers and socks, with blankets and hot chocolates with marshmellows and creame - The count down to christmas, I find it almost better than the actual christmas day - cozy knitwear - the bare trees against a grey sky, it looks like an intricate paper cutout - proper, traditional english roast dinners -
the possibilty of snow.

I have been trying to catch the last rays of summer in any spare minute of the day that I can spare, however I feel my tries have all been in vain as the weather seems to be alot colder and bleeker, which I guess is expected, living in England where its almost a/w all year round. So I've already switched over my wardrobe and got my boots out, which I have to say are rather snug compared to the pumps and sandals which I wore in the summer - hopefully no more blisters!
I know my posts haven't been the most detailed lately, partly due to me being very busy, sometimes I don't know how time passes so quickly. But I am guarenteeing a long post on friday and my Mum and I are heading down to The strand and Sumerset house for London Fashion Week! I'm really excited and have been following the week with a very close eye and I need help! - I have no idea what I'm wearing yet, so all suggestions welcome!

Lots of kisses
Sophie xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Itsy - Bity Spider went up the water spout ...

Sorry (again) for the lack of posts - I've been really busy being back at school again. Anyway I've seemed to run out of places to do mildly interesting photo shoots, and it was too cold to go to a overgrown area of grass just down my road - so I decied to bring my camera down the the cellar, I do love it down there. It's basically a mess full of my Dad's unused DIY kits, boxes full of junk, lightbulbs, slightly sinicter looking soars hanging on the un-painted bricks, despite all this, the narrow little room under my house is rather cosy, and the pictures didn't turn out too bad either ...

(the navy dress is from a uniqlo sale, a bargain five pounds (!!!), my Mum's vintage Pied A Terre cardigan, and the usual pearls which I seem to feel naked without and of course my very much loved lace up heeled black booties)

This hasn't been the most detailed blog post but there should be some good ones soon, I'm planning to do something to do with london fashion week, there's also another Anita's vintage fashion fair coming up and I should be going to Camden in a couple of weeks time.
I hope your weeks were a little better than mine?
Anyway, to finish off here are a few little drawings of mine, they're a little pixelated, thats me trying to make them bigger actually on the post rough, but it didn't seem to work, however if you click on the pictures they should enlarge and become a bit clearer.
Au reviour,

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

she had nothing but the red baloon. and then that too, perished.

- wearing zara green jersey as a dress, stockings found at the bottom of my draws, belt used to be my Mum's, hair bow was a birthday pressie and collar is actually lace crop top -
I've been meaning to do a post all week however, the days have gone by and my blog seemed empty, doesn't the summer go so quicky, I've been busy trying to get my self oranized and finish re-decorating my room, which although isn't completley done, I am quite happy with the results.
I have also found a retro polariod camera, it used to be my Dad's and he's only just decided to tell me about it, it was in storage for a little more than twenty years and I was quite suprised that it was still working and that there is still film inside. Although the pictures I took came out with already-exposed edges, I am really happy with it, I just hope that they still sell the film now!
I still haven't got my old brownie working though! ...
5 things that made me smile today -
1 - watching the sun go down outside
2 - having strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce
3 - visiting an antique store and realizing they actually do a little bit of vintage clothing
4 - laughing until we cried.
5 - recieving a late, but lovely non-the less birthday card.
How was your bank holiday monday?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A vampire amongst zombies.

I was ment to do this post a few days ago but me being very unorganized, I've somehow managed to be a bit behind schedule. The other day I (and my Mum) headed to the area of Brick Lane to see the Rankin exhibiton. For those who don't know, he's a famous photographer. At first I didn't realize how many nude shots he had done but I loved seeing his shots of the many celebrities he had photogrpaher - from Jarvis Cooker to Kate Moss, Hugh Grant, Keria Knightly, Daniel Craig, Britney and Lindsay Lohans recent cover shots for Elle Magazine. I think I like Rankin so much is that his photographs are simple, with plain backgrounds and no really showbiz glitz but they are still really effective, especially the close ups.

I also managed to meet him and rather shyly we had a small conversation.

Anyway, I couldn't resist going into a few shops, especailly all of the vintage botiques around Cheshire Street which I love.

In the end I limited myself to two beautiful pieces. The first is a off-white coloured cardigan with lace, bow and pearl beads detailing, I just love how its so detailed and pretty. Its from the laden showroom, on of my favourite shops where, whenever I go to brick lane, I always buy something.

The other item is a vintage white cricket sweater from beyond retro, I've been after one for a while and was actually debating buying my school cricket jumper that all the boys have to have but this vintage one - with its cute little buttons - is way better!

Both of the pictures look so much better in real life, its hard to properly photograph something thats really pale!

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, I appreciate every word and to Jazz in particular, you can find her amazing blog here. She did this great picture of me and I really want to say thanks for taking time to draw me and I'm really flattered!

Again, I know this hasn't been the most fashion-filled post but I am planning to do a photo shoot soon!

How was your weekend?

Sophie xxx

Saturday, 22 August 2009

No place for a paper doll.

Brighton has to be one of my favourite places, and with lovely weather, it was an amazing day out. I spent most of my time inside the quirky shops, which are found in the Lanes, I love them because of their uniqueness, you can only get those types of things in Brighton.
I spent nearly an hour and a half trecking round a shop which originally I though was full of 'junk' - they had vintage playboy issues, boxes full of old photographs (wish I did love) and every single episode of friends on video tapes. But, I found too many vintage/retro treasures and it because one of my favourite shops.

I didn't buy anything but came close to buying a white lace blouse and a cameo necklace but then decided against it because although both items were under 10 pounds, the blouse didn't fit and wasn't in great condition and I already have my share of cameo!

I visited my favourite fudge shop, and bought 200 grams of delicious, fresh vanilla fudge (I'm trying to eat all naughty food before I get my braces on monday!) and then had a coffe in a sweet cafe called 'inside out'.

After visiting a few more shops, one including a hat shop and a party shop we decided to go up to the pier where of course I spend many 2p's in the arcade and couldn't resisit going down the helter-skelter which I always used to do as a little girl.

Settled on the beach, and had the classic Brighton meal of fish and chips before running away because really large sea gulls were coming a bit too close for my liking!

Not a very fashion-filled post but I am heading to the relm of vintage tomorrow (Cheshire Street & Brick Lane) to spend some birthday money!

Second of all -

I've been tagged by the lovely Laura of buttonsandribbons.blogspot.com!

So here are 10 facts about me -

1 - I am scared of growing up. Sometimes I wish I could actually join Peter Pan in Never Never Land and stay a child. I think the prospect of age and responsability is too daughting.

2 - I prefer night to day, I always feel more inspired and awake at night.

3 - I scream whenever I see a spider. Period.

4 - I never really thought I would be the type of person who would end up having a blog - and a successful one at that!

5 - Unlike most people my age, I love old bands such as David Bowie, the Who, the Smiths, the Clash, Blur and so the list goes on ...

6 - I'm a real nerd for photography.

7 - Right now I'm in my living room eating popcorn (like I always do), blogging whilst watching little miss Sunshine.

8 - I'm planning to write to Vivienne Westwood.

9 - I'm considered a shy girl and I barely speak to people who I don't know but as soon as you get to know me I can't stop talking!

10 - As a child, I believed in faires and I think that a part of me still does!

Ok, so now for the tagging -

I am going to tag Roz of clothes cameras and coffee, rosa of j'adore mode and sadie from sadies wardrobe!

Toodle Pip - Sophie xxx

Thursday, 20 August 2009

All of us are lost in darkness. Dreamers lern to steer by the stars.

I started the summer with 8 weeks, to me 8 weeks of joy. Those 8 weeks have somehow transofromed into two weeks, though joyful non the less. School already seems around the corner and with the sun behind a cloud - winter seems a lot closer.

Had my usual late teenage start today and decided what better way to start the day with a peice of leftover birthday cake and a cup of hot tea?
I also managed to sneak spoonfuls of delicious golden syrup throughout the day, I'm not sure what I love more - the sweet taste or the rich colour which makes patterns when you let it dribble off the spoon?

Today wasn't entirly wasted, however.
I went out to the high street and watched the world go bye for fifteen minutes before deciding to do a charity shop raid, I purchased a dogtooth top which was originally from wharehouse for under 4 pounds which was good value for a top in its condition. I'll save it to show you for a rainy day.
My Mum maid my sister and I do our chores which I didn't mind too much, all I had to do was organize our photo albums and whilst doing so I found a 'Brownie six-20 camera, model C made by kodak limited'. It's a huge chunky retro thing the size of a brick and had a musky leather scent which I love. It was my great grandads camera from around 70 years ago.
Still, I'm determind to get it working because, acording to my Dad, its results are stunning.

In the meantime - heres some of my vintage finds including the cream 1920s styled hat with bow detailing and of course the lilac dress with the fur (scarf?) which I found in a box of my Mums - she still doesn't know I've taken it!

Au reviour lovelies
Sophie xxx

Monday, 17 August 2009

The Birthday Post.

Ok, my birthday was yesterday but I was a bit too busy to do a blog post on the actual day, so I'm taking the time today. It was a pretty early start, I guess my excitement was my alarm clock, I woke up the household which was followed by opening my pressies.
I was a bit spoiled - a white wrought metal manikin which was beautifully detailed, its already covered in my jewelery and vintage hat, two DvDs (vicky christina barcelona, which I have already watched three times and Audrey Hepburn's 'how to steal a million'). I also got some lace tights, catch kidson floral tissues (?) loads of keyrings, charms and other rather random things.

The rest of the morning was spent making cakes and decorating our garden, with the bunting which took my mother and I three hours to make, and then we had my birthday bbq where all of my family (oh and next door neighbors!). It was lovely, and the weather even turned out to be ok.

Sorry about the bottom right picture (above), I finally lost it and exploded into an official giddy teenager ditz.
Also, my cousin told me that I share the same birthday as Madonna, so happy birthday Madge!

How did you lovlies spend augusut the 16th?
Also, thankyou to FinieRamos for giving me my first blog award! x

Sophie xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

some like it hot

Home sweet home.
After three weeks of lolling in the swimming pool and sun (yes! sun!) and putting my [very bad] spanish speaking skills to practice, it feels a little odd to be back in my room, munching and popcorn and typing this wheras a few hours ago I was eating tapas. Lots of tapas. As well as paella, parmier biscuits and warm chorus dipped in lovely cafe con leches. I'm craving them already. I guess I didn't waiste all my time - some of my precious spanish hours were spend going to a midnight fiesta, watching madesgar 2 in spanish in a park and going shopping, well you could call it shopping but the only shops around are ... hmm ... for slightly older people. My lazier days were suplied by countless magazines (i.e. teen vouge, elle, instyle, two issues of look and glamour) as well as Sylvia's Plaths, the bell jar, slightly disturbing but amazing non the less.

The holiday blues have already got to me but not for much longer as its my birthday on sunday!

um heres a few pictures (out of the 70) that I took in spain:

Thankyou all for the great comments - I will get round to visiting your blogs but coming home to 330 emails, it may take me a while to get slightly organized!
Sophie xxx

Monday, 20 July 2009

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

5 things that made me smile today:

1 - they played 'this charming man' in starbuck
2 - the sun was shining
3 - watching the world go bye in kensington gardens
4 - the most lovely comments I've ever recieved
5 - Seeing a butterfly. (that sounds kind of soppy!!!)

Sun shining. Double decker red bus. Dragging my Mum to Kensington. No time for Portabello. Popped into urban outfitters. Love that shop. Fell in love with everything. I mean everything. Tried on a cute grey dress but decided against it as have already somehow managed to spend almost all of my money. Hat nearly blew away. Got some starbucks. Went and sat on the sun loungers by the lake in Kensington gardens. Ran away when the man came over (we had to pay to sit on the sun loungers). Got more starbucks. Forgot sunglasses - hence the squinting. Went into American Apparel. Left american apparel. Truthfully, I find it rather boring in there. Got the bus back. Got an ice cream. Went home and ended up watching breakfast at Tiffanies and Roman Holiday back to back.

I'm too lazy to even write in full sentences, whoops!

Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely lovely comments and the advice on how to tag, I think I understand it all now. Also, some of your '50s film star names' are pretty fantastic!

How was your monday?

Sophie xxx

This is probably the last post before I leave for the slightly sunnier land of Spain for three weeks - hopefully I will come back with a bit of a tan and lovely pictures to show you all! x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Like a sour cherry cake ...

This has been one of those days where everything you think is about to go wrong goes right, really right. First of all, I woke up to find I had ten (yes, ten!) comments on my previous post, and they were all so lovely and made me smile like an idiot. Can I just mention that you all have amazing, unique, cute blogs too!I went to my Grandad's house today, had a swim in his pool (and showed of my new, kooky bikini), and then I played croquet with my sister and her friend. And no, I did not play it with hedgehogs and flamingos and yell 'off with her head!' the whole time. However I have discovered that I am the worst croquet player in all history and that I am a danger when holding one of the bat, sticky things.

Another lovely thing is that I found a dress in my attic which I was imidiatly drawn to because it was retro, floral and above all, granny-ish. Turns out it was a dress my Mum wore when she was a bridesmaid when she was around my age. I tried it on and it looked ridiculous.


But I've changed the neckline and made it shorter - with my trusty, orange fabric scissors and now it looks a little less garish and very cute with a my polka-dot heels, a belt, pearls and a hair bow! It makes me feel like I'm a grandma from the 50s, in a good way of course.

Keeping with the 50s theme, Heres a little something for you to feast on,
My 50s film-star name is
Rose-Mary Burrows.

Bet you’ll never find out how I worked that out.
(your Mum/Dad’s name and the first street/road you lived on)
What would your names be? x

Sorry, another thing I forgot to mention earlier ...
I'm not going to cut the shorts which I wore in the previous post as all of you guys think they're great anyway and I don't want to spoil them if I accidently cut the wrong part - which, knowing me, I would do!

Also, how do you tag or be tagged because I would really like to tag a few bloggers who I love and also I love answeing questions.
Another one of my geeky secrets ...

Soph xxx