Monday, 20 July 2009

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

5 things that made me smile today:

1 - they played 'this charming man' in starbuck
2 - the sun was shining
3 - watching the world go bye in kensington gardens
4 - the most lovely comments I've ever recieved
5 - Seeing a butterfly. (that sounds kind of soppy!!!)

Sun shining. Double decker red bus. Dragging my Mum to Kensington. No time for Portabello. Popped into urban outfitters. Love that shop. Fell in love with everything. I mean everything. Tried on a cute grey dress but decided against it as have already somehow managed to spend almost all of my money. Hat nearly blew away. Got some starbucks. Went and sat on the sun loungers by the lake in Kensington gardens. Ran away when the man came over (we had to pay to sit on the sun loungers). Got more starbucks. Forgot sunglasses - hence the squinting. Went into American Apparel. Left american apparel. Truthfully, I find it rather boring in there. Got the bus back. Got an ice cream. Went home and ended up watching breakfast at Tiffanies and Roman Holiday back to back.

I'm too lazy to even write in full sentences, whoops!

Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely lovely comments and the advice on how to tag, I think I understand it all now. Also, some of your '50s film star names' are pretty fantastic!

How was your monday?

Sophie xxx

This is probably the last post before I leave for the slightly sunnier land of Spain for three weeks - hopefully I will come back with a bit of a tan and lovely pictures to show you all! x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Like a sour cherry cake ...

This has been one of those days where everything you think is about to go wrong goes right, really right. First of all, I woke up to find I had ten (yes, ten!) comments on my previous post, and they were all so lovely and made me smile like an idiot. Can I just mention that you all have amazing, unique, cute blogs too!I went to my Grandad's house today, had a swim in his pool (and showed of my new, kooky bikini), and then I played croquet with my sister and her friend. And no, I did not play it with hedgehogs and flamingos and yell 'off with her head!' the whole time. However I have discovered that I am the worst croquet player in all history and that I am a danger when holding one of the bat, sticky things.

Another lovely thing is that I found a dress in my attic which I was imidiatly drawn to because it was retro, floral and above all, granny-ish. Turns out it was a dress my Mum wore when she was a bridesmaid when she was around my age. I tried it on and it looked ridiculous.


But I've changed the neckline and made it shorter - with my trusty, orange fabric scissors and now it looks a little less garish and very cute with a my polka-dot heels, a belt, pearls and a hair bow! It makes me feel like I'm a grandma from the 50s, in a good way of course.

Keeping with the 50s theme, Heres a little something for you to feast on,
My 50s film-star name is
Rose-Mary Burrows.

Bet you’ll never find out how I worked that out.
(your Mum/Dad’s name and the first street/road you lived on)
What would your names be? x

Sorry, another thing I forgot to mention earlier ...
I'm not going to cut the shorts which I wore in the previous post as all of you guys think they're great anyway and I don't want to spoil them if I accidently cut the wrong part - which, knowing me, I would do!

Also, how do you tag or be tagged because I would really like to tag a few bloggers who I love and also I love answeing questions.
Another one of my geeky secrets ...

Soph xxx

Friday, 17 July 2009

I am the warlrus. full stop.

My friend gave me these shorts/skirts, I took them out of her closet and said 'oooooh' - I was drawn to the white and blue stripes. She said it was her old school skirt, that was when I blushed but she decided to give it to me. It turns out it wasn't a skirt but a pair of humungous shorts.

I look like a clown.

But whoever said looking like a clown was bad had obviously never looked like a clown before.
Because looking like a clown is fun.

I think I might cut off the bottom bit so they are just baggy, cosy, airy, stripey shorts instead of swamping me.

Most played songs on my IPod:
if there is something - roxy music
gold lion - yeah yeah yeahs
baba o ' riely - the who
vlad the impaler - kasabian
MGMT - electric feel
five years - david bowie
Iggy Pop - the passenger
ex lion-tamer - wire
my delirium - ladyhawke
the smiths - the boy with the thorn in his side
sophie xxx

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I'm just a child and your full grown.

I've always quite liked big, old, detailed rustic keys, maybe its because they hold the possibility of unlocking a forgotten charm or some other deep, slightly hippie-ish meaning. In my cellar (which is my favourite place for rumaging), I found a small box full of old keys. Wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it isn't everyday where you decided to find a big, old, detailed, rustic key in your cellar!

I tied the biggest, most interesting key onto some ribbon and there you go - my pathetic attempt to do *something* on a hot day ment for laziness in the garden and sucking on multiple ice lollies.

This jumper is the comfied thing know to man kind which was a lucky buy from the topshop sale in oxford street yesturday. I was ment to be in that area for a dentist appointment but I couldn't help but wonder into topshop - accidently of course!
Have a nice day
Sophie xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

You know when something is really serious and you really shouldn't even snigger - well, thats when I laugh the hardest

So very tired. Still, what a nice way to start the summer holidays! I've been practising my teenage traits by going to bed at 2.30 in the morning and waking up at midday. Well, I would of woken up at midday but the problem is that I set my alarm for 8.30 in the morning to go on a trick to petticote and brick lane, hence the tiredness.

To tell the truth I was a little dissapointed with petticote lane - it was just cheap crap - however there was one decent stall and I got a bargain nautical dress for a tener!

Brick lane, on the other hand. was pretty amazing. For starters, the atmosphere was great and there were some really funky (yes I do still say funky) people around. I spent two hours in rough trade which is this amazing vinyl store - I just love the music mixed with the bright, crazy covers.

My dad decided to treat me and bought me this nautical catsuite which I had just about fallen in love with. Big time. I was almost crying out of joy when I tried it on - its vintage and nautical - they are two of my main obsessions! I also bagged a bowler hat for 18 pounds which is quite good seeing as most i tried on were around 50 pounds which was a huge rip off!

Then I had to go to beyond retro because that was the main reason I really wanted to go in the first place - and I was, quite frankly, blown away by the rainbow of vintage underskirts pinned to the ceiling! I didn't buy anything and I only spent ten minutes in there because I needed to pick my little sister up form school but I really really need to go back soon!

All in all, a good day, no school for almost eight weeks, the sun was shining and I had quenched my nautical thirst for a day or two. Maybe just a day ...

Soph xxx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Theres a light which never goes out

Hey lady, are my faded ripped up shorts, my grandma perals and my layred crops too much for you?

- This is what I was saying in my head to my fith dirty-looker but decided to not say it to her face as it would probably become a shouting war (I like to shout!) and then I would draw even more attention to mysefl -

Anyhow, heres what I wore today in the sun!

Yes I spent like three hours reading to kill a mocking bird and listeing to my parents Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory albums on our turntable at full volume and only went out for my usual chocolate cream frappachino from starbucks. I decided to dress down (for me) and went for oversized faded, torn up shorts, vest top with my lace and gingham crops ontop and my mums netty white cardigan.

Hope you had a more productive , but equally as nice, weekend!

Soph xx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

A kiss with a fit is better than none.

Good evening my darlings!

As you have probably guessed from my opening sentance that I am a little hyper which is odd seeing as I have had a pretty crap day. Some friends are really upset at the moment and there has been a lot of crying, hugging and general awkwardness at school and I felt pretty depressed but now my happiness that we actually have sun in England has caught up with me!

In my last post, (I sound like I'm writing an essay), I did promise a photoshoot of my party outfit and pressents but as I can't be bothered and I don't think that you guys really care, I am lazily breaking my pathetic oath. Heat makes me lazy, blame the sun!

I have discovered my creative side. Well actually I already have a creative side, art and descriptive writing are my only strong points, I guess I have found another side of my creative side. Confusing, huh?
I have discovered that I can be let alone with a pair of scissors and my Mum's old floral longsleeves top and not make a complete mess of things - which for me is rare. I remember when I was camping and someone tried to teach me to juggle, that person came home with alot of brusies, come to think of it so did I but I'm going off subject ...

My Mum is 'spring cleaning' and was just about to throw out loads of her old clothes but me, being a cheapskate, wanted to rumpage around for a new wardrobe than spending my birthday money on new clothes as I quite like the feeling of being rich! - forty pounds to me IS rich!
I didn't find much, sadly, but I did find this pink and white floral top, I really liked the pattern on it but it had longsleeves with a different pattern on which I absolutly hated. Without properly thinking it through I cut off the sleeves and after admiring my handy-work, I tried on my new-short-sleeved top.
It's a little on the big side but looks good tucked into my vintage red-polka dotted shorts. I must say I looked like a 50s pin-up girl (in a good way though as I like vintage/retro pin-up girls) ...

My friend, (who I actually did my party with) - shes called Amalie by the way and I love her lots - in a non-lesbian way of course .... Well, Amalie always wears tops as skirts, her excuse is that she needs more skirts! So I tried her technique and decided that the floral top looks alot better as a high-waised pencil skirts.
I even wore it today, without tights, although I would wear it out with tights (probably white tights), and I was shocked about how pale my legs were. I guess thats one of the cons about being 'ginger'. Need to buy some subtle fake-tan. Any suggestions?

Ok, so maybe I'm not totally lazy, I think I can manage a discription of my favourite pressies. Or maybe I just want to boast about them?
- if any of you who read are fans of paramore - you may think about how much I was screaming, jumping, crying, smiling, looking like a retard, when I got a paramore hat. And not just any paramore hat - you know the one that Hayle wears in 'decode'? (of course you don't know - no one has even heard of paramore), its that! a.k.a. a deep-purple cable-knit beanie hat with a bobble ontop, with a cute paramore label to finsish it off! Thankyou Ella x
- I've been wanting a necklace from topshop for ages now - its a three-in-one chain from topshop with a swallow, horse and key pendant - but I always put it down when I got in the pay-cheque because I thought eight pounds was too much for a necklace when I am always broke and even one pound makes me feel lucky! But I got it and I wear it with EVERYTHING! yay
- I also got a really cute heart-shaped chalk-board complete with crayola (!!!) dust-free (!!!) coloured (!!!) chalks! I think this pressent is so sweet and I'm trying to get everyone to sign it - the problem is, I don't really want to write on the board and then spoil it - this is how pathetic I am!
- Finally, wow. I love wierd, old music - like the Who, David Bowie, etc. I love the Smiths too. Quick Smiths lesson - morrisey was the lead singer who liked to wear geek glasses, hearing aids and flowers in his back pocket and their music and lyrics was so quirky and amazing - check out 'this charming man' and 'theres a light which never goes out'. Anyway, someone got me a photography book about them and it's amazing. I've already read it dry like five times! And I am going to scan in some of my favourite pics!
I have written too much. again
Hope your all enjoying the good weather while it lasts, apparently its ment to rain tommorrow :(