Sunday, 31 May 2009

every day is like sunday.

Don't ask about the heart's - I guess I was in a romantic mood? ...

For those who ask (black top - uniqlo, polka dot skirt - camden market, white tights - ?, black pumps with bows - H&M)
It was another hot day today - I'm so suprised that I could actually sit in the garden with shorts on and not get very, very cold! I guess this is global warming ...
It seems that whenever it gets hot, I veg out (i.e. stuffing my face with oats and honey granola bars mized with ben and jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream) and do absolutly nothing.
I guess it’s all the revision. Well, I’m ment to be revising anyway. Most of my precious revision time was spent painting my nails and decorating my revision folder. Nice.
Hope you have a nice sunday and bask in the sun making daisy chains in endless fields, eating warm minnie blueberry muffins and sharing your biggest, innocent secrets.
(that was random ...)
Sophie X

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What a strange and facinating plant. Look there it is, Marge !

(skirt, H&M, tights, no idea, top, boden, pearls, everywhere and anywhere, vintage floral docs, camden market, with flowers in my hair)

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

I really don't have any witty or interesting words right now.

Well maybe a few words would help (I can't resist), - florals, fairlytales, roses, layres, lace. And summer?


Edit - And by the way,the pictures have been edited to look like the weather is actually summery.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

making peace with the 80's

First of all, english weather is back where it normally is. Meaning frequent showers of spitting rain, grey skies and hair - ruining wind. I think the sun is gone for good, folks! Moving on ...

I've never really followed a certain trend of one particular time period, maybe I'm too eccentric for that and if I tried would probably get sick and tired of the same style of clothing in less than a week but I do occasionally like to purposely put a hint of vintage, retro, victorian, roman, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc into my outfit if I'm feeling even more crazy than usual.

This post is not useful at all so I'm not really sure why I did it, maybe dressing up in my Grandma's clothes seems too appealing to me? Anyway, I was in a very 80s mood all day and have decided to experiment ...

(please ignore my pathetic attempt at modeling!)

(Grandmas's black dogtooth cardigan, striped top work as a shirt, uniqlo, top, H&M, leopard print scarf worn as a belt, found in my mums closet, geek glasses from camden market, pictures taken by my little sister!, she'd do anything for 13p and our tripod stand is broken)

I, yet again, found myself stooping in my Mum's huge closet yesterday evening and found some of my Grandma's old clothes. Maybe the first reason I tried them on was to see if they still smelt like her - it sounds kind of wierd but I always liked the smell of my Grandma, maybe its a comfort thing, kinda odd by hey, I'm supposed to be truthful ...

Or maybe the reason is that my latest new-found obsession is black and white dogtooth pattern (you've probably already heard about how hard it was to put back the dogtooth heels in camden market), it huge for me and looks a little bit ridiculous, maybe thats why I like it??? And the shoulder pads add to the ridiculous-ness, making my figure look like a very top-heavy man but who cares! I also love the gold buttons - I love gold buttons in general just to make that point clear!

I was going to wear my wet, fake leather-look PVC black leggings but the outfit looked too dark and colourless and to be honest, it made me feel a little depressed. And thats not what the 80s are about ... I think. So I switched it for my timeless electric blue tights. Then I couldn't find the right skirt to go with the pufball black top with white stars, so I made a skirt out of a top! What is there with me and wearing clothes how they're not supposed to be warn?

Anyway, thats my shot at the 80's. Not very good but its a starting point ...

EDIT: I'm getting a little bit bored of my white wall! Do you think I should try something different - especially how the weather is (or was) getting nicer?

head, shoulders, knees and toes

Sorry for the taste-less post title - couldn't think of anything better, I think the heat probably makes me a little bit dumber! ...
I know - did I ust say heat? Apaprently today is the hottest day in the UK today! Which I know sounds kind of ungrateful as I am usual wining about the every-day-ish grey rain clouds, cold wind, etc. But you see, I wanted to go into town and show off in my new Dr. Martins!
The outfit below is what I was planning to wear (with my battered leather jacket) for attacking my high-street but suprisingly the sun was out. Still, I stubornly walked out the front door in this outft (with my heart-shaped sunglasses) , determind to show off my new shoes but five minutes later I came back and got changed into high-waisted shorts, and a I love New york crop tee, I've never actually been to New York (I'm working on my parents to take me there next easter), my friend got me the top - I think it's a child's size?!, but then I am very petite (i.e. short and slim) so maybe she thought it would be easier to get me an 8 - year old top, who knows? Anyway, although I was a little annoyed to see the children's label inside, I must say it looks kind of good as a crop top!
I would have taken a picture of the second attempt outfit (which, by the way, was finished off with red pumps and lots of pendants) but I was being a bit lazy and couldn't be bothered to spend a while trying to take a half-decent picture of me when I was boiling to death (as the white walls where I always take my pictures are in my loft which is the hottest place in the house!). Anyway, I decided to go and make the most of the sun and braved the park without any form of cover up - e.g. jacket, coat, cardigan, jumper, etc. And I know a red head (like me) who doesn't even tan when on a two-week holiday in Spain, but I atleast pretended to tan and looked through my new teen-vogue and listening to my IPod.
I know its wierd - but at the moment I really love the song bruises by chairlift, its on one of the apple store adverts, the really catching one that has LOTS of oooooooooooing in it! I think the warm weather brings out the randomness, happiness and corny song-ness in me, no?
Enjoy the weather, kids, it won't last!

Edit - the second after I published this I just relaized that on the park, where I was 'sun bathing', everyone else there (well every other girl) was wearing sandals/flip flops with a floral maxi-dress. And I really have the urge to get one, not because everyone else is wearing them but because, 1 - they are floor length, very graceful and covers up my horrible, pale legs. 2 - they are probably quite cool as they don't stick to your skin. 3 - they look amazing.

Can short people pull off maxi's ? X

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ziggy played guitar

may wish list '09
Torture. this should not be allowed.
Darn it!
I will have to rob a bank.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

longest post ever

It's a sunday afternoon and I finally have time to do a long post instead of all the shortish ones I've been rushing inbetween homeworks and I'm so very sorry (ish) as I think that you are all on the edge of your seats wondering how the mad hatters party was! Or not as the case may be.

I guess I've been a bit naughty, leaving my friend's present to the pretty much last minute, (I forgot because my swallow necklace broke, I know it was only from primark after all but still). But I'm sure it was all worth it and this very second she is mentally thanking me for her cute presents (joking if your reading Ella!). I attempted to wake up early (it didn't go well) and when I eventually got out the door (2 hours later) and of course was hit by a big gust of wind ruining all of my efforts of making my hair as close to perfect as it could get and then when I turn a corner it has to blow the other way causing the really annoying hair-lipgloss fiasco. When I eventually reached the tube station; I saw the reflection of myself in a shop window. It was not a pretty sight. Camden was not as busy as it was the last time as I went, but then again, I did foolishly decided to go in the Easter holidays where your feet were trampled sore by the end.

I got carried away (as per usual) by the market stools and couldn't help but buy a really cute sow-on swallow patch and two nautical anchor broaches from this really cool stool in the electric ballroom called compulsive behaviour. I pulled myself away from almost buying a really cute gingham dress which was offered for me for £15 instead of £20 and focused on getting the presents. I didn't realize I had my camera on me until I was already on my way back to the Camden station so I quickly snapped some very bad pictures.

After running back home, looking very stupid (hair in face, skirt probably turning all the way around and struggling under handfuls of shopping bags). I added the finishing touches to my hat, here it is by the way: I know its not strictly a 'hat' as such but it took a lot of time and effort and feathers ...

I quickly managed to sort out my hair and almost breaking my comb with all of the knots in my hair, wrapped Ella's presents (hope she likes them), got changed into my outfit including the amazing fate-filled H&M skirt and went to Rosie's house to 'properly' get ready.

The party was amazing, lots of people in very 'mad' hats, I'm talking big Mexican hats (just forgotten their proper names but hey), top hats, oversized bows and this boy with an afro died his hair pink, green and blue, very interesting ... (he did win a toblerone at the end though for having the best boys mad 'hat' so I guess it was worth it) I would post some pictures but my camera is playing up and doesn't want to seem to upload onto the laptop, or maybe its just me and technology not mixing ... My pictures don't really make a different anyway, facebook is literally exploding with every party guest uploading 80+ pictures each ...

Anyway, back to the party, Ella looked amazing wearing a cream coloured floor-length dress and a white top hat which she decorated very brilliantly! Any where I looked was H&M though (dresses particularly) and I had a very deep conversation with Evie (a friend who I haven't mention yet) who was wearing a v. cute H&M dress with a black top and a ruffle bronze skirt, about how H&M is really going up in our books (well mine anyway). All in all it was a very good night, so one last time (happy birthday Ella!)
mad hatters ...
Moving on ..

Yes, white tights! Ahhhh! I couldn't resist, I been wanting some for ages and they seem to be pretty much everywhere. The last time I wore a pair was when I was five and had a small phase obsessive phases where I wanted to be a ballirina! I'd say they are defiantly not flattering, they don't slim your legs like black does so be warned - I didn't think of that until I actually put them on but I love them non the less. So here I am trying them on with a couple of outfits, these outfits are completely random and I know I would have survived if I would have just said 'I have white tights' and left it. But I didn't. I take every opportunity to dress up!

One thing which is really confusing me is pastels. I remember, just after christmas, going into H&M and everysingle rail and shelf was covered in pastels. I don't have a huge problem withpastels, but I wouldn't go mad for them either as they tend to wash me out so I wasn't really looking forward to a pastel - mania summer. But where has it all gone? I haven't seen anything - its all florals, nautical, jumpsuites, etc. When I went into H&M recently, the small amount of pastels left was going for a very small price on the sale rack. I guess buyers weren't ready for the pastel wave, maybe it will hit next year ...

This outfit is totally random - but I just love my black lace shirt except it just looks like a normal shirt for some reason. I probably wouldn't wear it with that skirt out, it looks too dark and when I added the bag for a hint of colour it just didn't fit it ...

These two are just nautical inspired - I think I would have to wear the first outfit with shorts or skirts as it is a bit too high at the back.

I don't read vouge, I don't have the time and to be honest I don't realy want to spend four quid on loads of fashion adverts (is that bad considering I'm supposed to love fashion?) But I've found treasure, in my attic! (Is it just me, or does everything great come out of my loft?) Anyway, my Mum has stored up vouges from the early 90s to about 2005! I nearly fell through the roof and hit my head (3 times) on some low beems, as well as choking on some dust but the issues were amazing, including the special gold and silver issues! AHHHH! I'm hyperventalating just looking at this picture right now ...

Aren't those lips amazing, I think Dior has gone a bit far with the sequins but hey! isn't that what fahsion's all about? I still have like 30 more issues to go through although I must say I'm getting a bit bored of all of these things that I see and like but can't buy because 1. they are from ages ago and are well out of stock and 2. their prices are sky - high and I the only designer thing I can afford is nail polish! X

Friday, 15 May 2009

fashion DOES care

Ok, so here are the pictures of my rumage around finds from last night:

the sequined black crop top (and geek glasses with heels and a purple ruffled skirt)

I'm still not sure if I'm ever going to wear this, but I think it look pretty good seeing as it breaks the no bellybutton rule ...

the black GHOST dress ( with a clock necklace)

I think this dress is absolutely amazing - in the pictures you can't really see the waist detail but there are 3 black ruffles going around the waist-line. I didn't finish my search last night so as I went through the last cardboard box (after almost falling through the roof!) but it was all worth it. Inside their was this muggy grey FASHION CARES tee shirt.

Yes, its very big but I think thats almost what makes it so cool, kinda grungey. It was my Mum's from the 80s and was apparently (according to her) very stylish for the international aids day. It also has every amazing fashion designer's autograph on the back like Vivienne Westwood, Manolo Blanic, Stephen Jones, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren, etc ! Pretty amazing, huh?

And the coolest thing is that it cost me absolutly nothing! x

Thursday, 14 May 2009

burried treasure

OK, I'm sprawled out on my bed feeling a bit pathetic in my pajamas. Its raining, I guess it's typical English weather but it puts a damper on things. On top of that I have a very intimidating pile of homework which I daren't even look at so I guess I'm writing a post.

Back to the title; buried treasure, I have been rummaging in our attic in hope of finding some oh-so vintage, size 6 or 8 amazing individual clothes. I didn't, instead I found an amazing black sequined crop top which is almost as good; it fits me perfectly but I think if I wore it out I would beat my dirty look record, I don't really care what they think, I just get annoyed at the beady eyes on my back. Also, I don't think I would have a chance of wearing it unless it warms up a bit, I'm still wearing vests and scarves, so at the moment, this seems very unlikey.

I also found one of my Mum's old dresses, its black and goes down to the floor (making my legs look very long) and simple yet effortless with a bit of detailing around the waiste and best of all, its from gost, that's nearly designer! I promise I will post some pictures soon!

Another thing I discovered is white tights; no, I did not find them in a box in my loft. But white is the new black. I need to get a pair; I guess it's been something I've been waiting for, for a while, so that I don't feel like a total goth when I'm dressed from head to foot in black.

In the picture above, the tights aren't completly white but I think the white and black stripes look really amazing, especially with the colour-coordinated heels.

One thing that I haven't found is a victorian-style white shirt with kind of lacey ruffles as I have a newfound obsession with lace! x

in wonderland

Ok, so sticking to my friend's party theme, I have just been inspired by these amazing alice in wonderland themed vouge photo shoots ...

mad hatter in heaven

My most recent obsession is this seasons romantic fairytale look. This mean pink pastel heels, ruffled skirts and nude (I mean the colour, not naked!) , layred dresses, white feathers, soft makeup and flowers in your hair. I'm not sure if I could pull off nude though, my skin's pale as it is ...

Anyway, another reason is, I have enough clothes as it is, I guess I don't need it ... Until ...
My friend Ella is having a rave party (I'm talking loud music and non-stop dancing with all of the cheesy chart songs) and the dress code is a mad hatter's tea party! That's exact definition is a mad hat and a cute, vintage-looking fairy tale dress.

I went to my high street and searched every rack in every shop (trust me,that's alot of shops). Twice. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I guess the look isn't as big on the highstreets as it is on the catwalk at the moment. I was about to go home with a grumpy look on my face when I walked past H&M. And there on my white shining manikin in armour (without the armour) was this beautiful, layred, soft grey skirt!

I ran back into the shop, determind not to return home empty handed but I couldn't find it. I decided the ask someone who works there after I raced around the shop about four times and when I was getting too many dirty looks. Anway, the sales assistant said she wasn't sure if there was any left but she checking on the rail in the changing rooms to see if anyone had recently tried one on. It was fate, she can back with a size 6 and I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! You can't see it in any of the photo's but the dress has this amazing lace-up thingy at the back which I guess gives it a bit of vintage detail. Ahhhh! And the price wasn't bad either ...

dress, H&M, heels, topshop, vest (somewhere), pearls, my grandma's found at the bottom of a box, clock necklace, accsessorize

I know, where's my 'mad' hat? I'm in the middle of making one out of one of those bases that they sell in arty stores attached to a hair band and I'm covered it in black feathers and a black faux fur line around the edge with one huge peacok feather randomly sticking out of the middle. Very mad, huh? x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

cold summer

I'm not really sure why I'm writing a summer post, because over here in London, summer seams very far away. I'm sat here in wolly tights, lots of cosy jumpers and my electric blue coat after a moody rainy walk. Maybe thats why the sunny weather where I can wear cute bright baggy tops and shorts seems so appealing right now, but I guess sooner or later I'll be complaining about the unbearable heat and how I never tan (true) whilst everyone's legs are brown. Anyway, back on track ...

navy blazer - H&M, skirt - topshop, face tee shirt - H&M, red heart bag found at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Ok, this is the outfit that I desperatly want to wear but would probably catch numonia if I went out like this - also my legs would go all goose pimply, not the most attractive look ... Anyway, I kind of copied it off this amazing luella outfit :

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

whizz kidz!

This would not be a fashion blog if I didn't talk about the recent trends so here's one which everyone is talking about. The geek style. I guess I always used to be a bit of a geek, red hair and braces, but now is wearing not-matching grandma jumpers and brown battered bags coming back 'in'?

Although kooky online shops, vintage london botiques, and indiviudual market stalls are selling every shape, colour and size of fake geek glasses, they seem to be absent on the high street. I've been looking for a pair of geeky specs for a while now but haven't found any!

I've always remembered how my grandma had some fake ones that she used to wear to her weekly 'bingo' (why old people find such interest in this, I don't know) because she thought they made her look more clever, therefore she was more likely to win (who knows). Anyway, sods law I can't even find them now or any of her old clothes, I'm cursing the day when we took all of those things to oxfam because granny-wear is now back in style!

Anyway, when I went to the amazing Camden Market last weekend I found a bargain priced (only a fiver!) tortoise-shell coloured pair of glasses! I guess I did well that day, along with the wire-frames I got a black, oversized, leather biker jacket and some floral doc martins!
- left, thats me :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Iconic Quirk

This is my first proper post - ahhhh! Ok, I guess I'm a bit hyper due to a sweet sale at school which means an overload on alot of sherbert sticks. So, here goes ...

I'm sure you've heard the term 'In fashion' more than once. But what exactly does 'in fashion' mean? Everyone has their own idea of what is an amazing fashion design and what has been a fashion mistake, isn't that is what fashion is all about? So when does 'in' become 'not in'?

All the girls at my school who are considered fashionable swamp themselves in heavy foundation, abercrombie and fitch hoodies and tracksuit bottoms with uggs. But in my opinion that 'in' outfit is boring, and isn't saying any thing about fashion, instead its statment is 'look how much money I have to afford these clothes'.

Yes, I do think that uggs and abercrombie is sometimes nice to lounge around in the house or to wear on a quick run to the shops when its very cold; but to wear that all year round would drive me crazy. Especially how my fashion sense is completely different to theirs; I like to mix and match. One day I would wear a layered floral dress with a tight circus - like blazer and one day I would wear skinny jeans with holes in with a 'The Who' tee and lots of heavy jewelery.

If you flick through the pages on Vogue or even look at what iconic quirky celebrity's are not covered head to toe in abercrombie. As many of my fashion influences are kooky individuals like Agyness Dean and Alexa Chung who inspire alot of my looks.

So, although the comfort designer look that the girls at my school think is 'in', what is in amongst the designers? i.e. Around two years ago their was a huge outbreak of coloured skinny jeans in the summer and the all-time classic nautical look which comes back every spring, better than ever. So what, this season, is 'in' and 'out' in designer teretory

I actually don't know the answer to this question; probably because I know school girl trends better than designer as the prices are sky high and my allowance isn't that big ...

here goes ...

The very beginning.
Ok, this is my first post on beautiful rampage so I guess I should attempt at an introduction. I'm a British red-head and of course, like any other teenage girl I am mad about fashion and I don't just mean shopping.
I'm all about mixing and matching outfits (e.g. wearing a floral dress with a leather jacket and knee-high socks or wearing a high waisted skirt with a slogan tee), finding little vintage & retro botiques, looking through every fashion magazine in sight and taking lots of pictures! I guess I like to capture perfect, well as close to perfect as it can get, moments. My 'fashion icons' are Audrey Hepburn, Kate Nash (redhead!), Alexa Chung and Agyness Dean etc.
Sorry, I've been blabbering on for a bit ...
After all, blogging isn't about you its about sharing something with other people that means alot to you, so does saying fashion make me sound shallow .... ?
Sorry - I've been rambling on about crap for a while now ...
I'll keep you posted
Sophie :)