Friday, 26 June 2009

toothpaste kisses and heart-shaped bruises. I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

You all must feel very upset and abandoned right now as I have taken away your oh-so-importantly-lovely luxury of my proper blog posts, I must sincerley apologize, (not). Well, I mean I am apologizing, I just don't think that anyone would really be so involved with my pathetic blog - I guess I'm kind of selfish about it, I started the blog to have my own little piece of the internet rather than having loads of comments, followers, etc and the blog becoming 'famous'
I haven't done many proper posts lately, I guess I've had a lot of drama at school recnetly and hasn't really found the time or energy to do an outfit post.


It's my party tommorrow - the huge circus-themed 60 people invited disco, ravey thing that I have probably been rambling and boring you about for like the past two months but I am very excited. And I promise that this weekend - I will post loads of pictures and give you a full review of the party!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

vintage affairs.

Happy. Happy happy happy.
Life is wonderful.
It really is, even though the sky is grey. Again.
Life is especially wonderful when you have a new vintage piece.

What a fashion-packed (god that sounds cheesey) weekend! I was a bit bummed on saturday when a boy cancelled on me. Again. But then after some desperate retail-therepy with a friend, I managed to cheer up as I found perfect shoes for my party - ie. white heels with red polka dots and a red bow at the front.
Then, it got better. For starters, it didn't rain today. And although its Father's day, me and my Mum managed to sneek out so she could take me to a vintage fashion fair she was read about in her magazine. I think it was called something like 'Anita's vintage fashion fair' and you should really check it out because I think its travelling around London at the moment and its amazing. I was almost faint from the many stalls selling clothes that date back to the late 1800's! I tried on some amazing navy shoes with leather bows on from the 40s and they fitted quite well, although they were very hard as they hadn't been worn in lots of year and the insides were slightly falling apart.

Anyhow, I think I would of got them if it wasn't for the shorts. The almight shorts. I should have warned you earlier but as you have probably guessed I'm in a wierd mood, maybe its because I'm listeing to a great song - heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs!

I found the shorts on the middle of a rail, hidden between a yellow leather skirt, yes I did just say yellow leather and a petticote which looked like if I touched it, it would fall to pieces. They are amazing shorts though, at first I thought they were a skirt as they are very poofy, can't find a word better than poffy, perhaps flared? And they are a faded red colour with small white polka dots and an attached matching belt. They are from the 50s and are a 'size 5' which I guess is between a 6 and a 8 which just shows how old it is ...

The stall-lady-owner-person was very nice and let me try on the shorts behind a screen and I fell in love with them. I looked a little bit like a clown, especially how they did not go with the top I was wearing at all, but I loved them non the less. They were so soft and unique and I'm not sure why I'm using the past tense as a matter of fact I am wearing them right this second whilst eating some of the rocky road I just made.

I decided to buy them after walking around and nearly buying a real sailors collar, and I mean real as it had the name tag from the sailor and everything but me, being a cheapskate, sulked away from it after finding out that it was 25 pounds (the same price as the shorts). Who would pay 25 pounds for a scrappy collar anyway? Well I would because I''m obsessed with those type of things and I'm rambling on again ....

Also, to finish off my ringleader outfit for my party, which is looking pretty amazing at the moment, I wanted some lace gloves and my Mum claimed that she already had some and so she went up to the loft to rumage around for them. An hour later, she came down with the gloves, which are so dainty and sweet along with two crop tops. I nearly fainted. Again. And then again.

One is like a corset and is all strutured with the cutest white and blue gingham pattern. The other was white lace. I might have died on the spot for a second or two.

(The lace crop is pictured below and the gingham one is what I am wearing above along with the oh-so-lovely vintage shorts)

Oh and I promise that all items of clothing look way better in real life, especially the lace crop as it's really hard to photograph something thats really pale, deligate, and transparent - its just im a terrible photogrpaher and my camera isn't the best.
I guess my posts about 'look what I found in the attic/mum's closet' are getting a little old now but those crops are amazing. And very almost vintage ...

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Soph xx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Banoffee Pies and daisy chains.

I just wanted to say thanks for the 'good luck' comments, hopefully I did ok in the exams, although I had amind blank whne I was asked about what a brown-field site was in georgraphy.

Pretty much, for the past two weeks, my life has been a story of 'gotta go and revise'. i.e. wasking up, having breakfast, quickly revising something I forgot, go to school, have my exams, come home, havelike half an hour break, revise, eat, revise, sleep, etc. So I'm ashamed to say that blogging has been far down on my 'to do' list right now, especially how I'm organising my party. I went and bout the food today and I got this huge HUGE chocolatly sickly yummy cake which I am very temtped to eat right this second...
Anyway, stay on subject.

On friday, after our last exam, a friend dragged me to the ICT rooms because she needed to do some homework and me, being the push over I am, went with her. I was so bored and decided to check the vouge site and amazingly it wasn't blocked (!!!). I always look at the new catwalk shows, I guess I like seeing which will soon be apprearing on the highstreet rails a few months later - made more cheaply of course. Anyway (I've said that too many times) I came across the Rodarte ready-to-wear fall/winter 09-10 collection and I was pretty shocked. Not in a bad way or anything, I guess I nearly expolded because of all the things going on in one outfit, its hard to see in the pictures but each and every item much have taken forever to make, there are so many layres and different textures, colours and materials.

This one is a little gothic - with the black lips, dark hair and very pale skin but I like the way they've done the model's face as it doesn't draw too much attention, to take your eyes away from the clothing, but it still fits with the style of the outfit. I just think that the wollen tights and top go perfectly with the black sequined skirt.

First of all, those boots are a work of art. Second, wow. I am for once uttery speechless.

Her hair is terrible, the redness is so fake, its almost funny. It looks like it had been sprayed on with spray paint instead of proper hair dye five seconds before the show began, unless its ment to look fake? ...
Also, her jacket looks like a slightly more up-market version of something from camden.

That skirt is a work of art in itself, I like it how the whole collection seems a bit out of place and none of it is competly perfect, it looks like a mess. But a nice fashionable mess non the less. I love the brown bit sticking out of the skirt. My vocabulary is shocking, I can't think of anything better than 'brown bit'.

I like the wollen collar - very snug for winter. Which is good as it is a fall/winter collection. I hate designers who have bare shouldered/legged outfits for winter when its a bit too cold to be only wearing a crop top and shorts.

I love all of the diferent textures of the outfit, all the parts have been put together odlly but it works. The asymetrical neck line is pretty good too.
I promise I will actually get round to doing an outfit post soon as I have a pile of new purchases begging to be warn and showed off through blogger. Just wanted to share that awsome collection, I've never seen anything quite like it.
Suprisingly, I've already seen some rodarte look-alikes in topshop!
Soph x

Monday, 15 June 2009

love love

Dear readers,
Nope. seriosuly sophie focus.
Ok, this week I have Loads of exams going on at school so please don't think I'm dead, and half eaten by pigeons (if pigeons even eat dead people) if I don't do any posts in the very very near future.
I was going to do a cute photoshoot in the sun to make up for the lack of blogging but then it started to rain.
Wish me luck!
Soph xxx

Thursday, 11 June 2009

on days like these, you really need a picture of a 80s dressed model in paris ...

At the moment, I really want to be dressed in dotted tights, 80s brights rollar-skates, a sequined skirt and loads of bangles and lying on the floor with the Eiffel tower 20 paces behind me. Time for another visit to le gay paree, non? xxx
P.S. I seem to get more comments on my outfit posts than my opinion/comentry/etc posts so do you think I should do less of the speaking and more of the 'posing'?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A great pig once said oink

I've been slacking off in the blogging world recently, my standards have been slipping and I've noticed that I haven't done an outfit post in weeks. I'm begging to to loose my oh-so-good modeling skills (not!). Today, I had to run out to the shops to buy my friend a month-over due birthday present. And whilst sprinting down my high street, I realized how stuck-up people are getting. And I don't even mean competitive people (in the fashion world) who are my age. I collected about seven dirty looks, some by salesassistants in shops. Is abercrombie and uggs really taking over the world so that one day, someone wearing doc martins and bright tights is being treated like an alien! What has happened to individuality?

The majority of my day has been spent revising (and scoffing my face with popcorn) for our school-exams, see how fustrated I am?

(navy jersy top - zara, pearls - vintage, fake flower - no idea! hehe, tartan tights - ad hoc, floral Docs - Camden)

See what a difference it makes when the pictures aren't edited. Please, don't look at me, look at the clothes!
Have a nice week!

adopt me?

I want to be one of them.
I want to join the clang of pretty girls and geeky boy models and star in the selfridges 100th birthday magazine.
The clothes are amazing too - one guy is wearing seqin leggings, another geek glasses, the girls are wearing bright things, one even has a star on her head.
I am going to wrtie to mr. selfridges. And, next year, ladies and gents, for selfriges 101th birthday, I will be clad in designer clashing colours and posing next to these cool people.
Then again, maybe Mr. Selfridges will reject my idea to become his new model ...

(sorry about the crappy pictures, I really need to get a scanner)

Saturday, 6 June 2009

let's go to the bigtop!

I've probably rambled about this in previous posts but in less than a month, me and one of my best friends, Amalie, are having a circus and carnival - dress themed party. And I really need help on getting a jaw-dropping (in a good way) outfit!

Circus and Fashion are two words which tend to mix alot, take Topshop's summer clothing line a few summers ago which, with it's circus style, made a massive hit. Also, recently, the trend has once again esculated with Britney Spears' song 'circus'.

I, as the party host, really want to look amazing and make a big - inpact with my outfit, and, being a bit-outgoing, am taking the role as a ringleader!

I know this theme can sometimes be a bit boring, as its an easy route to wearing any thing bright, sparkly and OTT but when its done the right way, the results can be amazingly stunning ...

I've already bought a pair of black sequined hotpants from topshop and I'm planning on wearing it with a bright top, striped tights and a tophat. But do you guys have any suggestions for changing or improving my outfit to make it even more enchanting?
Thanks guys
Soph x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

(actually can't think of anything to say here)

I (used to) love Alexander McQueen, the clothes are amazing, if a little odd and wierd. But still very unique. And I love uniqueness (as you probably know).

I like to experiment with makeup and clothes and sometimes I may dress up a bit too much just for a doctors appointment or a school trip, but I think my friend Alex has taken things a little too far!

This my sound a little harsh but is your makeup artist's sight fading or have the lips been drawn by a toddler left alone with mummy's lipstick? Its ridiculous. Either than or the model has had a very unfortunate botox accident. It's not 'statement' or 'beautifully unique', its stupid. The models look like clowns who have some how, winded up on Mr. McQueens catwalk. Also the compeltly white face make her look ill or albino and with the lips, it doesn't look right. And I don't mean it doesn't look natural, of course it doesn't and its not ment too, but they've taken mad makeup to the extreme and are pushing the boundaries between 'good mad' and 'bad mad!' Also, silver eyebrows? Yuck. Please, who thinks silver eyebrows can equal Alex Mc Queen.

Don't get me started on the head piece ...

Soph X

P.S. I don't hate it by the way, Alex, as I know how much my opinion matters to you *cough cough*, and please don't su me and my blog. I'm just stating my opinion.

I forgot to mention but - happy first 'official' day of spring, lets hope it's gonna be a hot one!