Sunday, 5 July 2009

Theres a light which never goes out

Hey lady, are my faded ripped up shorts, my grandma perals and my layred crops too much for you?

- This is what I was saying in my head to my fith dirty-looker but decided to not say it to her face as it would probably become a shouting war (I like to shout!) and then I would draw even more attention to mysefl -

Anyhow, heres what I wore today in the sun!

Yes I spent like three hours reading to kill a mocking bird and listeing to my parents Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory albums on our turntable at full volume and only went out for my usual chocolate cream frappachino from starbucks. I decided to dress down (for me) and went for oversized faded, torn up shorts, vest top with my lace and gingham crops ontop and my mums netty white cardigan.

Hope you had a more productive , but equally as nice, weekend!

Soph xx