Thursday, 20 August 2009

All of us are lost in darkness. Dreamers lern to steer by the stars.

I started the summer with 8 weeks, to me 8 weeks of joy. Those 8 weeks have somehow transofromed into two weeks, though joyful non the less. School already seems around the corner and with the sun behind a cloud - winter seems a lot closer.

Had my usual late teenage start today and decided what better way to start the day with a peice of leftover birthday cake and a cup of hot tea?
I also managed to sneak spoonfuls of delicious golden syrup throughout the day, I'm not sure what I love more - the sweet taste or the rich colour which makes patterns when you let it dribble off the spoon?

Today wasn't entirly wasted, however.
I went out to the high street and watched the world go bye for fifteen minutes before deciding to do a charity shop raid, I purchased a dogtooth top which was originally from wharehouse for under 4 pounds which was good value for a top in its condition. I'll save it to show you for a rainy day.
My Mum maid my sister and I do our chores which I didn't mind too much, all I had to do was organize our photo albums and whilst doing so I found a 'Brownie six-20 camera, model C made by kodak limited'. It's a huge chunky retro thing the size of a brick and had a musky leather scent which I love. It was my great grandads camera from around 70 years ago.
Still, I'm determind to get it working because, acording to my Dad, its results are stunning.

In the meantime - heres some of my vintage finds including the cream 1920s styled hat with bow detailing and of course the lilac dress with the fur (scarf?) which I found in a box of my Mums - she still doesn't know I've taken it!

Au reviour lovelies
Sophie xxx


  1. aw that outfit is so cute! ah the camera is really cool, hope you get it working :)

  2. the camera looks so nicee:)over 70 years...that's something.lovely outfit that shade o purple:)

  3. that is the most amazing outfit!!

  4. That camera is so gorgeous! I collect vintage cameras (have about 4 or 5..) but none as old as that. Its a real beauty :)
    And I love going on charity shop raids. You find such brilliant stuff. My favourite latest buy is a pair of black brogues.
    And that 20's hat is lovely too.
    I love to kill a mockingbird at the moment too, but I havn't seen the film. Does it do the book justice?

  5. i know this summer has actually gone soo quickly but to my surprised ive loved every minute :)
    and wow i love camera...really cool...i bit the wuality of the pictures will come out really cool :)
    love ure blog sooo far
    keep in touch
    i shall put u in my follow blog list thingy :)

  6. gorgeous outfit, i love the bubble(?) bottom of the dress.
    + that camera looks pretty aweesome.

  7. Your mom had great style! i love the whole look, very vintage!

  8. I love all of these pictures! Very inspiring. =D

  9. Oh my goodness, I love that hat! It really suits you!

    And lucky you for finding an old treasure, I hope you get it to work :)

  10. The dress is wonderful! Hopefully the camera still works, I bet the photos would look amazing! May I add you to my links by the way?

  11. Your pictures are magical. To be quite honest you look like a Flapper from the Twenties which utterly thrills me as I am obsessed with the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and that particular era, in general. I only wish my mum had such lovely vintage finds lurking about the house! :)

  12. Oh that's really sweet to say. & thank you so much! hahah your comment also made my day :)

    Really is Audrey in breakfast at tiffanies :O I've got to see that movie it's so bad that I haven't seen it yet.

    I loveeee the first picture with that old camera and your outfit is also freakin' amazing!

    xxx birgit

  13. Your pictures are always so lovely, that top one is adorable! Great finds also :)

    Kitty x

  14. i looove the camera, and the outfit is so cool too ! :)
    i've seen a similiar hat at h&m :D wanted to buy it but i had no money with me -.-

  15. awww your outfit looks absoulutely positively darling, i love it. looks very 20s-ish with the fur thing looking like a mink making you very posh and high society ;) (okay so i partially dont know what ive just said so cut me some slack wont ya?)
    and i love your camera! it looks too cool, cant wait for you to get it to work :D

  16. Thanks for commenting.
    I love love love Golden Syrup it's the best thing in the wooooorld (it costs a fortune here because you have to buy it in special ''English food'' shops, so ennoying)
    That hat and dress are so cute.
    Stop by my blog again anytime =)

  17. lovvvvve the hat :)
    xx from madrid!

  18. Nice blog! Check out ours whenever you want! We invite you to follow it.

  19. omg beyond love for that outfit. v. v. pretty.

  20. that hat is fabulous!
    my drawing is from a picture taken by a photographer called olaf wipperf├╝rth (it's in the german vogue).

  21. Your outfit there is fabulous.
    The hat is just gorgeous and I love the way you've styled everything.

    Your blog is lovely.

    Florrie x

  22. Heyy, I have recently just started following you, and i will carry on doing so, so i can keep checking out your new posts.
    When i read that you had just found the camera i tured to my dad and said "Typical! Just typical. Why is it that we have nothing hidden in some forgotten box?!"
    So i hope you get it working, or what a waste of a great finding that would be eyyy.?
    Anyway, i just wanted to ask you where you came upon those delightful shoes :)
    I have been looking for some for a while now and due to my bad Luck a pair havent cought my eye yet :/
    So write back soon :)

    P.s. great outfit :') keep it up, xxx