Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A vampire amongst zombies.

I was ment to do this post a few days ago but me being very unorganized, I've somehow managed to be a bit behind schedule. The other day I (and my Mum) headed to the area of Brick Lane to see the Rankin exhibiton. For those who don't know, he's a famous photographer. At first I didn't realize how many nude shots he had done but I loved seeing his shots of the many celebrities he had photogrpaher - from Jarvis Cooker to Kate Moss, Hugh Grant, Keria Knightly, Daniel Craig, Britney and Lindsay Lohans recent cover shots for Elle Magazine. I think I like Rankin so much is that his photographs are simple, with plain backgrounds and no really showbiz glitz but they are still really effective, especially the close ups.

I also managed to meet him and rather shyly we had a small conversation.

Anyway, I couldn't resist going into a few shops, especailly all of the vintage botiques around Cheshire Street which I love.

In the end I limited myself to two beautiful pieces. The first is a off-white coloured cardigan with lace, bow and pearl beads detailing, I just love how its so detailed and pretty. Its from the laden showroom, on of my favourite shops where, whenever I go to brick lane, I always buy something.

The other item is a vintage white cricket sweater from beyond retro, I've been after one for a while and was actually debating buying my school cricket jumper that all the boys have to have but this vintage one - with its cute little buttons - is way better!

Both of the pictures look so much better in real life, its hard to properly photograph something thats really pale!

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, I appreciate every word and to Jazz in particular, you can find her amazing blog here. She did this great picture of me and I really want to say thanks for taking time to draw me and I'm really flattered!

Again, I know this hasn't been the most fashion-filled post but I am planning to do a photo shoot soon!

How was your weekend?

Sophie xxx


  1. i love the peep of the ruby slippers in the first picture!


  2. How exciting, I read about the Rankin exibition it sounds fabulous lucky you! Sxx

  3. Oooh, the cardigan is so lovely!

  4. I love that vintage jumper, so adorable! And I also love Rankin. His shoot with Lindsay Lohan was incredible, I bought that elle just to own the photos.

  5. I love the cardigan! It's so lovely and soft!

  6. great finds. <3 the drawing.

  7. love your blog.. there are lotta great stuffs here.. your phtograph works is truly make my day.


  8. wow, you met rankin? that's really cool :) the picture of you is great too. cant wait to see your photoshoot pics!

  9. Great blog, really enjoyed it. Lizzie x

  10. Wow! That illustration of you by Jazz is spot on. What talent she has! It looks as if you found some marvelous things - you'll have to take pictures in them soon, darling! :)

  11. I love seeing my icons work or even having the smallest of converstions with them, although it is surreal seeing them, and them not knowing how much they've influence you. I also love the first top, it is so very very quaint. I've also heard soho is a blast, I must rag myself up there before the end of summerrr.

  12. I really like both pieces you purchased, the colours are so dreamy and I love those little buttons on the vintage jumper.

  13. Hi Sophie, love both those vintage finds! Especially the sparkly first one. I've got to get to Beyond Retro!
    Thanks for the heads up re: the Rankin exhibit, I'd like to go see that. It feels so dull & cold in London, but had a glorious Sunday - swam in the Serpentine! Still, wish I was back on holiday on the beach : ) (thanks for asking!)
    Hope you're having a lovely day. jCx

  14. I seriously need to get down to that Rankin exhibition! Love his work, jealous you got to meet him!

    x x x

  15. i love how you go to vintage shops quite alot, and buy lots of vintage things! (i really should go more often!) all your clothes is so cute.
    i love your blog :) oxox


  16. Oooh! I really want to go to the Rankin exhibition. He was at the big chill while I was there, but you had to pay £50 to be shot by him. :( And lucky you for getting to meet him!
    And Brick Lane is the best place for vintage shopping. Isn't beyond retro completely amazing? They do such great things there, I once got this great 60's green linen mini dress. I havn't come across many other people who've been there actually..
    Nice drawing of you too.. It works really well!
    Thanks for the very lovely comment.


  17. I also love that first shot with the wizard of oz style shoes!
    Oh, thanks for the very nice comment! It was quite an amazing outfit :) And London Calling is just such a great classic song. And thanks for the reccomendation to go to see the Rankn exhibition. I'm actually seeing it sometime this week as I'm off to London tommorrow! I'm really looking forward to it..


  18. They do such great things there, I once got this great 60's green linen mini dress. I havn't come across many other people who've been there actually..
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