Thursday, 13 August 2009

some like it hot

Home sweet home.
After three weeks of lolling in the swimming pool and sun (yes! sun!) and putting my [very bad] spanish speaking skills to practice, it feels a little odd to be back in my room, munching and popcorn and typing this wheras a few hours ago I was eating tapas. Lots of tapas. As well as paella, parmier biscuits and warm chorus dipped in lovely cafe con leches. I'm craving them already. I guess I didn't waiste all my time - some of my precious spanish hours were spend going to a midnight fiesta, watching madesgar 2 in spanish in a park and going shopping, well you could call it shopping but the only shops around are ... hmm ... for slightly older people. My lazier days were suplied by countless magazines (i.e. teen vouge, elle, instyle, two issues of look and glamour) as well as Sylvia's Plaths, the bell jar, slightly disturbing but amazing non the less.

The holiday blues have already got to me but not for much longer as its my birthday on sunday!

um heres a few pictures (out of the 70) that I took in spain:

Thankyou all for the great comments - I will get round to visiting your blogs but coming home to 330 emails, it may take me a while to get slightly organized!
Sophie xxx


  1. Nice pictures.. I especially like the ones of all the post boxes!
    And your comment made me smile.. I've never actually sung it, but when I saw the poem I knew it would be perfect to use (:

  2. sounds like you had a great holiday! i just got home from my holiday too, i want to go back now :( xx

  3. thanks for the comment! and haha yeah we do have the same name! :)
    and i like these pictures, espically the once of the ice cream!

  4. Great photos!! I would love to visit Spain.

  5. Sophie, where did you find dog tooth leggings?!?!? I am obsessiong over black and white leggings lately! x Pearl

  6. oh spain, lucky!

    cutee sunglasses.

    + blog ;)

  7. Glad you had a lovely time! I am so wanting some ice cream now!


  8. Oh, I've just fallen in love with your blog. You post the loveliest pictures - and your wardrobe is divine.

    Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation. Isn't The Bell Jar marvelous? I read it a few months ago myself and adored every moment of it. :)

  9. Hi there, thanks for visiting me! Happy birthday, and love the pic of the letterboxes! xx

  10. happy birthday and super nice photographs! looks like great holidays haha, xoxo

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You're adorable!! And I love Sylvia Plath...she's one of my favorite writers.

  12. A day late, but happy birthday!!
    Also, thank you for the lovely comment :) I'm not really very good with the camera at all, I'm a complete novice, I only really started to get into photography this summer. And no need to be jealous of the weather, all the water that the sky holds seems to be pouring down outside as I'm typing this!

  13. Wow, you only started this blog in May, and already you have many comments. (:
    Spain is a wonderful country, my mother was born there, and she lives in the outskirts of Madrid. It was gorgeous going to all those museums and such.
    Hope you have a lovely week!
    - Nata