Saturday, 22 August 2009

No place for a paper doll.

Brighton has to be one of my favourite places, and with lovely weather, it was an amazing day out. I spent most of my time inside the quirky shops, which are found in the Lanes, I love them because of their uniqueness, you can only get those types of things in Brighton.
I spent nearly an hour and a half trecking round a shop which originally I though was full of 'junk' - they had vintage playboy issues, boxes full of old photographs (wish I did love) and every single episode of friends on video tapes. But, I found too many vintage/retro treasures and it because one of my favourite shops.

I didn't buy anything but came close to buying a white lace blouse and a cameo necklace but then decided against it because although both items were under 10 pounds, the blouse didn't fit and wasn't in great condition and I already have my share of cameo!

I visited my favourite fudge shop, and bought 200 grams of delicious, fresh vanilla fudge (I'm trying to eat all naughty food before I get my braces on monday!) and then had a coffe in a sweet cafe called 'inside out'.

After visiting a few more shops, one including a hat shop and a party shop we decided to go up to the pier where of course I spend many 2p's in the arcade and couldn't resisit going down the helter-skelter which I always used to do as a little girl.

Settled on the beach, and had the classic Brighton meal of fish and chips before running away because really large sea gulls were coming a bit too close for my liking!

Not a very fashion-filled post but I am heading to the relm of vintage tomorrow (Cheshire Street & Brick Lane) to spend some birthday money!

Second of all -

I've been tagged by the lovely Laura of!

So here are 10 facts about me -

1 - I am scared of growing up. Sometimes I wish I could actually join Peter Pan in Never Never Land and stay a child. I think the prospect of age and responsability is too daughting.

2 - I prefer night to day, I always feel more inspired and awake at night.

3 - I scream whenever I see a spider. Period.

4 - I never really thought I would be the type of person who would end up having a blog - and a successful one at that!

5 - Unlike most people my age, I love old bands such as David Bowie, the Who, the Smiths, the Clash, Blur and so the list goes on ...

6 - I'm a real nerd for photography.

7 - Right now I'm in my living room eating popcorn (like I always do), blogging whilst watching little miss Sunshine.

8 - I'm planning to write to Vivienne Westwood.

9 - I'm considered a shy girl and I barely speak to people who I don't know but as soon as you get to know me I can't stop talking!

10 - As a child, I believed in faires and I think that a part of me still does!

Ok, so now for the tagging -

I am going to tag Roz of clothes cameras and coffee, rosa of j'adore mode and sadie from sadies wardrobe!

Toodle Pip - Sophie xxx


  1. oh wow i'd love to go to brighton and your pictures are amazing! thanks for tagging me :) i agree with 1 and 10 of yours xx

  2. Brighton looks amazing... i would love to go there!! and I like your blog!


  3. Your pictures are super RAD!!! the Q&A is awesome. :) A great post to read on the weekend! thanks!

  4. Wow, all your pictures are amazing! I wish I had several vintage stores where I live! You're so lucky. Vanilla is definitely the best kind of fudge!

  5. Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog, Im looking to build up a list of unique fashion bloggers that I get to know, to put in guest appearances on my site.So great you dropped by my site, please feel free to join my fabulous followers and invite your friends, so I can bear you in mind for a guest spot.I love your shots of Brighton, your unique pictures have confirmed it would definately be one of my favourite places to visit!You go girl!!! Writting a letter to Vivienne great idea, she would applaud your courage and initiative Im sure! S xx

  6. These pictures have made me want to go to Brighton SO much - I have never been!


  7. Brighton lookslike a lot of fun.. I've never been there, so I'll have to add it to my growing list of places to visit :)
    Thanks for the comment and the tag! Both lovely.. Haha, and its nice to know other people out there who like old music.Bowie and the Clash are both great. Whats your favourite bowie song?
    And I used to believe in fairies too!

  8. Hi Sophie, thats right it helps me if you become a follower,as I am able to keep track of you more easily,which is useful when it comes to me deciding which bloggers to choose to feature on the My Passport to Style, site.Hopefully I can keep you happy with lots of free Style Advice and hot fashion picks and competitions!! S xx

  9. Lovely pictures!
    and I can totally relate to screaming whenever you see a spider :D


  10. Hi Sophie,already following you, by the way theres no need to include your blog address hun on all your posts, as bloggers can reach your blog by clicking on your name.Great that you decided to join me @ My Passport to Style! Sxx

  11. I always want to go to Brighton!
    It's still on my list! Looks like you had an amazing time!
    and thanks for your sweet comment!

  12. It was wonderful reading more about you. Lovely shots too!

  13. Love your ten facts. Number 1 is me through and through. I too wish I could join Peter Pan and live in Never Never Land for the rest of my days. Growing up is simply frightening - I want to be young for all of eternity!

    By the way, Brighton sounds divine. The shops look quite amazing - anything that is vintage and retro is okay in my book! :)

  14. congrats on the award.those 10 things apply to me too:)

  15. hey! thanks for dropping me a comment and introducing me to your blog . It's really lovely.
    I did a quick drawing of you. I hope you don't mind.
    Email me : and I'll send it right along.
    Big love your way.
    jazz xx

  16. I'll definitely have to put Brighton on my list of places to go then! Thanks for reccomending it. ;)
    I love Life On Mars! Its probably my favourite song of his too.. But I also like the man who sold the world, changes, and ashes to ashes (amongst others.)
    What about your favourite Clash song then? Mine has to be London calling, Koka Kola or Train in Vain.
    I always like hearing about other peoples music tastes..

  17. Aw, thanks so much for this post and telling me to come and see it!
    Now I just can't wait for october to come and go there! :)
    xx from madrid!!:)

  18. What a great post.....Brighton looks super! And i am exactly the same as you, i talk constantly to anyone i know, but when it comes to strangers i just freeze :)

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and the shoes are black :)


  19. Ooo this is my first time at your blog. I love it so :)

  20. Brighton seems so fabulous. I think i could spend every minute of mine there... Sweets your random facts are so interesting. I agree with you first fact so much. The idea of growing up still freaks me out! I loved being young.

  21. I adore your blog, and this post makes me want to travel.

  22. i would love to go there!! and I like your blog!

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