Wednesday, 3 June 2009

(actually can't think of anything to say here)

I (used to) love Alexander McQueen, the clothes are amazing, if a little odd and wierd. But still very unique. And I love uniqueness (as you probably know).

I like to experiment with makeup and clothes and sometimes I may dress up a bit too much just for a doctors appointment or a school trip, but I think my friend Alex has taken things a little too far!

This my sound a little harsh but is your makeup artist's sight fading or have the lips been drawn by a toddler left alone with mummy's lipstick? Its ridiculous. Either than or the model has had a very unfortunate botox accident. It's not 'statement' or 'beautifully unique', its stupid. The models look like clowns who have some how, winded up on Mr. McQueens catwalk. Also the compeltly white face make her look ill or albino and with the lips, it doesn't look right. And I don't mean it doesn't look natural, of course it doesn't and its not ment too, but they've taken mad makeup to the extreme and are pushing the boundaries between 'good mad' and 'bad mad!' Also, silver eyebrows? Yuck. Please, who thinks silver eyebrows can equal Alex Mc Queen.

Don't get me started on the head piece ...

Soph X

P.S. I don't hate it by the way, Alex, as I know how much my opinion matters to you *cough cough*, and please don't su me and my blog. I'm just stating my opinion.

I forgot to mention but - happy first 'official' day of spring, lets hope it's gonna be a hot one!

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  1. the make-up choice was the only thing I didn'y agree with in this runway