Friday, 26 June 2009

toothpaste kisses and heart-shaped bruises. I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

You all must feel very upset and abandoned right now as I have taken away your oh-so-importantly-lovely luxury of my proper blog posts, I must sincerley apologize, (not). Well, I mean I am apologizing, I just don't think that anyone would really be so involved with my pathetic blog - I guess I'm kind of selfish about it, I started the blog to have my own little piece of the internet rather than having loads of comments, followers, etc and the blog becoming 'famous'
I haven't done many proper posts lately, I guess I've had a lot of drama at school recnetly and hasn't really found the time or energy to do an outfit post.


It's my party tommorrow - the huge circus-themed 60 people invited disco, ravey thing that I have probably been rambling and boring you about for like the past two months but I am very excited. And I promise that this weekend - I will post loads of pictures and give you a full review of the party!

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