Saturday, 6 June 2009

let's go to the bigtop!

I've probably rambled about this in previous posts but in less than a month, me and one of my best friends, Amalie, are having a circus and carnival - dress themed party. And I really need help on getting a jaw-dropping (in a good way) outfit!

Circus and Fashion are two words which tend to mix alot, take Topshop's summer clothing line a few summers ago which, with it's circus style, made a massive hit. Also, recently, the trend has once again esculated with Britney Spears' song 'circus'.

I, as the party host, really want to look amazing and make a big - inpact with my outfit, and, being a bit-outgoing, am taking the role as a ringleader!

I know this theme can sometimes be a bit boring, as its an easy route to wearing any thing bright, sparkly and OTT but when its done the right way, the results can be amazingly stunning ...

I've already bought a pair of black sequined hotpants from topshop and I'm planning on wearing it with a bright top, striped tights and a tophat. But do you guys have any suggestions for changing or improving my outfit to make it even more enchanting?
Thanks guys
Soph x


  1. oh wow that sounds like so much fun! ahh i'd love to dress up on a circus theme :) the idea you've got at the moment sounds great, to make it even better you could add some killer heels in red or black? just an idea x

  2. ahh well good luck and keep looking! i couldn't find a reasonably priced one anywhere until i looked in the women's workwear section of h&m, so try there :) so glad i did now, i wear it all the time!

  3. thanks! was planning on getting one from topshop but for someone like me who spends all their savings in one day, its too expensive! hehe x