Sunday, 21 June 2009

vintage affairs.

Happy. Happy happy happy.
Life is wonderful.
It really is, even though the sky is grey. Again.
Life is especially wonderful when you have a new vintage piece.

What a fashion-packed (god that sounds cheesey) weekend! I was a bit bummed on saturday when a boy cancelled on me. Again. But then after some desperate retail-therepy with a friend, I managed to cheer up as I found perfect shoes for my party - ie. white heels with red polka dots and a red bow at the front.
Then, it got better. For starters, it didn't rain today. And although its Father's day, me and my Mum managed to sneek out so she could take me to a vintage fashion fair she was read about in her magazine. I think it was called something like 'Anita's vintage fashion fair' and you should really check it out because I think its travelling around London at the moment and its amazing. I was almost faint from the many stalls selling clothes that date back to the late 1800's! I tried on some amazing navy shoes with leather bows on from the 40s and they fitted quite well, although they were very hard as they hadn't been worn in lots of year and the insides were slightly falling apart.

Anyhow, I think I would of got them if it wasn't for the shorts. The almight shorts. I should have warned you earlier but as you have probably guessed I'm in a wierd mood, maybe its because I'm listeing to a great song - heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs!

I found the shorts on the middle of a rail, hidden between a yellow leather skirt, yes I did just say yellow leather and a petticote which looked like if I touched it, it would fall to pieces. They are amazing shorts though, at first I thought they were a skirt as they are very poofy, can't find a word better than poffy, perhaps flared? And they are a faded red colour with small white polka dots and an attached matching belt. They are from the 50s and are a 'size 5' which I guess is between a 6 and a 8 which just shows how old it is ...

The stall-lady-owner-person was very nice and let me try on the shorts behind a screen and I fell in love with them. I looked a little bit like a clown, especially how they did not go with the top I was wearing at all, but I loved them non the less. They were so soft and unique and I'm not sure why I'm using the past tense as a matter of fact I am wearing them right this second whilst eating some of the rocky road I just made.

I decided to buy them after walking around and nearly buying a real sailors collar, and I mean real as it had the name tag from the sailor and everything but me, being a cheapskate, sulked away from it after finding out that it was 25 pounds (the same price as the shorts). Who would pay 25 pounds for a scrappy collar anyway? Well I would because I''m obsessed with those type of things and I'm rambling on again ....

Also, to finish off my ringleader outfit for my party, which is looking pretty amazing at the moment, I wanted some lace gloves and my Mum claimed that she already had some and so she went up to the loft to rumage around for them. An hour later, she came down with the gloves, which are so dainty and sweet along with two crop tops. I nearly fainted. Again. And then again.

One is like a corset and is all strutured with the cutest white and blue gingham pattern. The other was white lace. I might have died on the spot for a second or two.

(The lace crop is pictured below and the gingham one is what I am wearing above along with the oh-so-lovely vintage shorts)

Oh and I promise that all items of clothing look way better in real life, especially the lace crop as it's really hard to photograph something thats really pale, deligate, and transparent - its just im a terrible photogrpaher and my camera isn't the best.
I guess my posts about 'look what I found in the attic/mum's closet' are getting a little old now but those crops are amazing. And very almost vintage ...

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Soph xx


  1. Wow what wonderful buys. I love vintage clothing but am not the right size to wear it! I'd still love the chance to go to that vintage fair though although I'm not in London. Xx

  2. thanks! I'm sure vintage clothes would look amazing on you - you just need to get the right size and fit! x

  3. Wow wow wow ! I love that ! Youa are so nice in these clothes !

  4. omg omgg
    i love the clothes
    ure really pretty aswell :]

  5. Those shoes are absolutely adorable!! Love the gloves!!
    I like your blog so much I added you to my blog roll:):)