Saturday, 20 June 2009

Banoffee Pies and daisy chains.

I just wanted to say thanks for the 'good luck' comments, hopefully I did ok in the exams, although I had amind blank whne I was asked about what a brown-field site was in georgraphy.

Pretty much, for the past two weeks, my life has been a story of 'gotta go and revise'. i.e. wasking up, having breakfast, quickly revising something I forgot, go to school, have my exams, come home, havelike half an hour break, revise, eat, revise, sleep, etc. So I'm ashamed to say that blogging has been far down on my 'to do' list right now, especially how I'm organising my party. I went and bout the food today and I got this huge HUGE chocolatly sickly yummy cake which I am very temtped to eat right this second...
Anyway, stay on subject.

On friday, after our last exam, a friend dragged me to the ICT rooms because she needed to do some homework and me, being the push over I am, went with her. I was so bored and decided to check the vouge site and amazingly it wasn't blocked (!!!). I always look at the new catwalk shows, I guess I like seeing which will soon be apprearing on the highstreet rails a few months later - made more cheaply of course. Anyway (I've said that too many times) I came across the Rodarte ready-to-wear fall/winter 09-10 collection and I was pretty shocked. Not in a bad way or anything, I guess I nearly expolded because of all the things going on in one outfit, its hard to see in the pictures but each and every item much have taken forever to make, there are so many layres and different textures, colours and materials.

This one is a little gothic - with the black lips, dark hair and very pale skin but I like the way they've done the model's face as it doesn't draw too much attention, to take your eyes away from the clothing, but it still fits with the style of the outfit. I just think that the wollen tights and top go perfectly with the black sequined skirt.

First of all, those boots are a work of art. Second, wow. I am for once uttery speechless.

Her hair is terrible, the redness is so fake, its almost funny. It looks like it had been sprayed on with spray paint instead of proper hair dye five seconds before the show began, unless its ment to look fake? ...
Also, her jacket looks like a slightly more up-market version of something from camden.

That skirt is a work of art in itself, I like it how the whole collection seems a bit out of place and none of it is competly perfect, it looks like a mess. But a nice fashionable mess non the less. I love the brown bit sticking out of the skirt. My vocabulary is shocking, I can't think of anything better than 'brown bit'.

I like the wollen collar - very snug for winter. Which is good as it is a fall/winter collection. I hate designers who have bare shouldered/legged outfits for winter when its a bit too cold to be only wearing a crop top and shorts.

I love all of the diferent textures of the outfit, all the parts have been put together odlly but it works. The asymetrical neck line is pretty good too.
I promise I will actually get round to doing an outfit post soon as I have a pile of new purchases begging to be warn and showed off through blogger. Just wanted to share that awsome collection, I've never seen anything quite like it.
Suprisingly, I've already seen some rodarte look-alikes in topshop!
Soph x

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