Sunday, 31 May 2009

every day is like sunday.

Don't ask about the heart's - I guess I was in a romantic mood? ...

For those who ask (black top - uniqlo, polka dot skirt - camden market, white tights - ?, black pumps with bows - H&M)
It was another hot day today - I'm so suprised that I could actually sit in the garden with shorts on and not get very, very cold! I guess this is global warming ...
It seems that whenever it gets hot, I veg out (i.e. stuffing my face with oats and honey granola bars mized with ben and jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream) and do absolutly nothing.
I guess it’s all the revision. Well, I’m ment to be revising anyway. Most of my precious revision time was spent painting my nails and decorating my revision folder. Nice.
Hope you have a nice sunday and bask in the sun making daisy chains in endless fields, eating warm minnie blueberry muffins and sharing your biggest, innocent secrets.
(that was random ...)
Sophie X