Thursday, 14 May 2009

mad hatter in heaven

My most recent obsession is this seasons romantic fairytale look. This mean pink pastel heels, ruffled skirts and nude (I mean the colour, not naked!) , layred dresses, white feathers, soft makeup and flowers in your hair. I'm not sure if I could pull off nude though, my skin's pale as it is ...

Anyway, another reason is, I have enough clothes as it is, I guess I don't need it ... Until ...
My friend Ella is having a rave party (I'm talking loud music and non-stop dancing with all of the cheesy chart songs) and the dress code is a mad hatter's tea party! That's exact definition is a mad hat and a cute, vintage-looking fairy tale dress.

I went to my high street and searched every rack in every shop (trust me,that's alot of shops). Twice. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I guess the look isn't as big on the highstreets as it is on the catwalk at the moment. I was about to go home with a grumpy look on my face when I walked past H&M. And there on my white shining manikin in armour (without the armour) was this beautiful, layred, soft grey skirt!

I ran back into the shop, determind not to return home empty handed but I couldn't find it. I decided the ask someone who works there after I raced around the shop about four times and when I was getting too many dirty looks. Anway, the sales assistant said she wasn't sure if there was any left but she checking on the rail in the changing rooms to see if anyone had recently tried one on. It was fate, she can back with a size 6 and I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! You can't see it in any of the photo's but the dress has this amazing lace-up thingy at the back which I guess gives it a bit of vintage detail. Ahhhh! And the price wasn't bad either ...

dress, H&M, heels, topshop, vest (somewhere), pearls, my grandma's found at the bottom of a box, clock necklace, accsessorize

I know, where's my 'mad' hat? I'm in the middle of making one out of one of those bases that they sell in arty stores attached to a hair band and I'm covered it in black feathers and a black faux fur line around the edge with one huge peacok feather randomly sticking out of the middle. Very mad, huh? x

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  1. cute <3 i love the whole fairy tale thing too. I think it kinda reminds me of Alice in Wonderland