Sunday, 24 May 2009

making peace with the 80's

First of all, english weather is back where it normally is. Meaning frequent showers of spitting rain, grey skies and hair - ruining wind. I think the sun is gone for good, folks! Moving on ...

I've never really followed a certain trend of one particular time period, maybe I'm too eccentric for that and if I tried would probably get sick and tired of the same style of clothing in less than a week but I do occasionally like to purposely put a hint of vintage, retro, victorian, roman, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc into my outfit if I'm feeling even more crazy than usual.

This post is not useful at all so I'm not really sure why I did it, maybe dressing up in my Grandma's clothes seems too appealing to me? Anyway, I was in a very 80s mood all day and have decided to experiment ...

(please ignore my pathetic attempt at modeling!)

(Grandmas's black dogtooth cardigan, striped top work as a shirt, uniqlo, top, H&M, leopard print scarf worn as a belt, found in my mums closet, geek glasses from camden market, pictures taken by my little sister!, she'd do anything for 13p and our tripod stand is broken)

I, yet again, found myself stooping in my Mum's huge closet yesterday evening and found some of my Grandma's old clothes. Maybe the first reason I tried them on was to see if they still smelt like her - it sounds kind of wierd but I always liked the smell of my Grandma, maybe its a comfort thing, kinda odd by hey, I'm supposed to be truthful ...

Or maybe the reason is that my latest new-found obsession is black and white dogtooth pattern (you've probably already heard about how hard it was to put back the dogtooth heels in camden market), it huge for me and looks a little bit ridiculous, maybe thats why I like it??? And the shoulder pads add to the ridiculous-ness, making my figure look like a very top-heavy man but who cares! I also love the gold buttons - I love gold buttons in general just to make that point clear!

I was going to wear my wet, fake leather-look PVC black leggings but the outfit looked too dark and colourless and to be honest, it made me feel a little depressed. And thats not what the 80s are about ... I think. So I switched it for my timeless electric blue tights. Then I couldn't find the right skirt to go with the pufball black top with white stars, so I made a skirt out of a top! What is there with me and wearing clothes how they're not supposed to be warn?

Anyway, thats my shot at the 80's. Not very good but its a starting point ...

EDIT: I'm getting a little bit bored of my white wall! Do you think I should try something different - especially how the weather is (or was) getting nicer?

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