Thursday, 14 May 2009

burried treasure

OK, I'm sprawled out on my bed feeling a bit pathetic in my pajamas. Its raining, I guess it's typical English weather but it puts a damper on things. On top of that I have a very intimidating pile of homework which I daren't even look at so I guess I'm writing a post.

Back to the title; buried treasure, I have been rummaging in our attic in hope of finding some oh-so vintage, size 6 or 8 amazing individual clothes. I didn't, instead I found an amazing black sequined crop top which is almost as good; it fits me perfectly but I think if I wore it out I would beat my dirty look record, I don't really care what they think, I just get annoyed at the beady eyes on my back. Also, I don't think I would have a chance of wearing it unless it warms up a bit, I'm still wearing vests and scarves, so at the moment, this seems very unlikey.

I also found one of my Mum's old dresses, its black and goes down to the floor (making my legs look very long) and simple yet effortless with a bit of detailing around the waiste and best of all, its from gost, that's nearly designer! I promise I will post some pictures soon!

Another thing I discovered is white tights; no, I did not find them in a box in my loft. But white is the new black. I need to get a pair; I guess it's been something I've been waiting for, for a while, so that I don't feel like a total goth when I'm dressed from head to foot in black.

In the picture above, the tights aren't completly white but I think the white and black stripes look really amazing, especially with the colour-coordinated heels.

One thing that I haven't found is a victorian-style white shirt with kind of lacey ruffles as I have a newfound obsession with lace! x

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