Tuesday, 12 May 2009

whizz kidz!

This would not be a fashion blog if I didn't talk about the recent trends so here's one which everyone is talking about. The geek style. I guess I always used to be a bit of a geek, red hair and braces, but now is wearing not-matching grandma jumpers and brown battered bags coming back 'in'?

Although kooky online shops, vintage london botiques, and indiviudual market stalls are selling every shape, colour and size of fake geek glasses, they seem to be absent on the high street. I've been looking for a pair of geeky specs for a while now but haven't found any!

I've always remembered how my grandma had some fake ones that she used to wear to her weekly 'bingo' (why old people find such interest in this, I don't know) because she thought they made her look more clever, therefore she was more likely to win (who knows). Anyway, sods law I can't even find them now or any of her old clothes, I'm cursing the day when we took all of those things to oxfam because granny-wear is now back in style!

Anyway, when I went to the amazing Camden Market last weekend I found a bargain priced (only a fiver!) tortoise-shell coloured pair of glasses! I guess I did well that day, along with the wire-frames I got a black, oversized, leather biker jacket and some floral doc martins!
- left, thats me :)

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