Sunday, 10 May 2009

Iconic Quirk

This is my first proper post - ahhhh! Ok, I guess I'm a bit hyper due to a sweet sale at school which means an overload on alot of sherbert sticks. So, here goes ...

I'm sure you've heard the term 'In fashion' more than once. But what exactly does 'in fashion' mean? Everyone has their own idea of what is an amazing fashion design and what has been a fashion mistake, isn't that is what fashion is all about? So when does 'in' become 'not in'?

All the girls at my school who are considered fashionable swamp themselves in heavy foundation, abercrombie and fitch hoodies and tracksuit bottoms with uggs. But in my opinion that 'in' outfit is boring, and isn't saying any thing about fashion, instead its statment is 'look how much money I have to afford these clothes'.

Yes, I do think that uggs and abercrombie is sometimes nice to lounge around in the house or to wear on a quick run to the shops when its very cold; but to wear that all year round would drive me crazy. Especially how my fashion sense is completely different to theirs; I like to mix and match. One day I would wear a layered floral dress with a tight circus - like blazer and one day I would wear skinny jeans with holes in with a 'The Who' tee and lots of heavy jewelery.

If you flick through the pages on Vogue or even look at what iconic quirky celebrity's are not covered head to toe in abercrombie. As many of my fashion influences are kooky individuals like Agyness Dean and Alexa Chung who inspire alot of my looks.

So, although the comfort designer look that the girls at my school think is 'in', what is in amongst the designers? i.e. Around two years ago their was a huge outbreak of coloured skinny jeans in the summer and the all-time classic nautical look which comes back every spring, better than ever. So what, this season, is 'in' and 'out' in designer teretory

I actually don't know the answer to this question; probably because I know school girl trends better than designer as the prices are sky high and my allowance isn't that big ...


  1. heyy :)
    ahh cool, i look forward to reading your other posts!
    this is totally true, its the same in my school! i love being a bit different and standing out, lifes too short to blend in! you only get one life, might as well look fabulous :)
    i'll follow you x

  2. thanks! I just don't get why people would spedn days wearing abercrombie track suits bottoms when you can wear cute vintage or nautical, etc !