Sunday, 24 May 2009

head, shoulders, knees and toes

Sorry for the taste-less post title - couldn't think of anything better, I think the heat probably makes me a little bit dumber! ...
I know - did I ust say heat? Apaprently today is the hottest day in the UK today! Which I know sounds kind of ungrateful as I am usual wining about the every-day-ish grey rain clouds, cold wind, etc. But you see, I wanted to go into town and show off in my new Dr. Martins!
The outfit below is what I was planning to wear (with my battered leather jacket) for attacking my high-street but suprisingly the sun was out. Still, I stubornly walked out the front door in this outft (with my heart-shaped sunglasses) , determind to show off my new shoes but five minutes later I came back and got changed into high-waisted shorts, and a I love New york crop tee, I've never actually been to New York (I'm working on my parents to take me there next easter), my friend got me the top - I think it's a child's size?!, but then I am very petite (i.e. short and slim) so maybe she thought it would be easier to get me an 8 - year old top, who knows? Anyway, although I was a little annoyed to see the children's label inside, I must say it looks kind of good as a crop top!
I would have taken a picture of the second attempt outfit (which, by the way, was finished off with red pumps and lots of pendants) but I was being a bit lazy and couldn't be bothered to spend a while trying to take a half-decent picture of me when I was boiling to death (as the white walls where I always take my pictures are in my loft which is the hottest place in the house!). Anyway, I decided to go and make the most of the sun and braved the park without any form of cover up - e.g. jacket, coat, cardigan, jumper, etc. And I know a red head (like me) who doesn't even tan when on a two-week holiday in Spain, but I atleast pretended to tan and looked through my new teen-vogue and listening to my IPod.
I know its wierd - but at the moment I really love the song bruises by chairlift, its on one of the apple store adverts, the really catching one that has LOTS of oooooooooooing in it! I think the warm weather brings out the randomness, happiness and corny song-ness in me, no?
Enjoy the weather, kids, it won't last!

Edit - the second after I published this I just relaized that on the park, where I was 'sun bathing', everyone else there (well every other girl) was wearing sandals/flip flops with a floral maxi-dress. And I really have the urge to get one, not because everyone else is wearing them but because, 1 - they are floor length, very graceful and covers up my horrible, pale legs. 2 - they are probably quite cool as they don't stick to your skin. 3 - they look amazing.

Can short people pull off maxi's ? X


  1. really like your outfit! the doc martens are amazing. i want to get a maxi too but i have the same problem lol would probably make me look even shorter!

  2. I know - I guess theres no harm in trying on though! thanks about the outfit comment x